Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canadians to make you proud

Great North Americans at Canadians for Afghanistan.
Why we support Canada's commitment to Afghanistan:

Canada is making a real difference in Afghanistan. Our commitment there continues Canada’s proud, century-old tradition of supporting international efforts for peace, justice and security. And we are getting results.

In 2001, Canada joined with United Nations partners to take responsibility for a massive humanitarian and military mission aimed at ending the Taliban regime and creating a safe, secure and self-sufficient Afghanistan that will never again serve as a launching ground for attacks on North America. In just six years we have made tremendous progress.

Despite achieving significant success, we understand that Canada’s work is not done. A small but dedicated group of political and religious extremists continue to work to destroy Afghanistan’s hard-won gains. At home, some argue that Canada has sacrificed too much, that the job is too difficult and the cause is not worthy.

We disagree.

Canadian soldiers have provided security for the thousands of aid workers whose assistance is helping Afghans secure a brighter future. Canada is the respected leader of this multilateral effort to provide humanitarian assistance, reduce poverty and strengthen Afghan governance. Today Canadian men and women on the ground are helping Afghans build schools, hospitals and the basic infrastructure of a functional economy.
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