Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Littoral Combat? This is littoral combat.

The Sri Lankan Navy "Super Dorva II" vs Tamil Tiger grab-bag boats.

And yes, the swarm works.

The LTTE boats are being sunk at a 3+ to 1 ratio it looks like - but for a terrorist Navy, that is good odds. Like
Eagle1 says,

Note that given that a favored tactic of the Sea Tigers involves the use of suicide boats, numbers of platforms and volume of fire would appear to be quite important...in fighting them.
A running 4-hour battle. Does your PC or LCS or for that matter DDG have the close in small to medium caliber guns (and ammo to feed them for 4 hours) ready for that? Trained? Ready to take 4 hits from a RPG-7? Think you can do everything with CIWS and missiles? If so, you are a fool. Like air to air combat, in the end you have to be prepared to close the enemy and use the gun because that is what works and is available. The enemy will.

DESRON 50; call your office.

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