Monday, January 14, 2008

Hegseth off the top rope

Yes, yes, Great Caesar's Ghost - yes!
Democratic leaders in Congress — and on the campaign trail — should take a lesson from the Maliki government. Swallow your pride, admit you were wrong about the surge, and get behind our courageous military.

Some courageous Democrats will do just that, others will continue to trumpet talking points. The members who embrace MoveOn should remember that the American people may not like the war in Iraq, but they hate losing. Now that we’re winning, they won’t stand for talk of defeat.

In the meantime, the real credit must go to the courageous leaders who had the conviction to commit to Iraq when the outlook was bleak. Thank you, President Bush. Thank you, General Petraeus. Thank you, Ambassador Crocker. Thank you, Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman. Thank you to the 165,000 troops in Iraq. And thank you to the 3,921 fallen heroes of the Iraq war…your sacrifice was not in vain.
Funny, while dodging the hail of lead from Jezail, it looks like some reinforcements are showing up at Gandamak.

They aren't saying "I was wrong," - not they are taking credit.

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