Thursday, January 10, 2008

Congressman Sestak - call your office

Hey there HotAir readers! Big 'ole Hat Tip to regular commenter "Mr. T's Haircut" (MTH to you and me) for pointing out this post by Bryan at HotAir about retired Rear Admiral, now Congressman Sestak's appearance on Fox News.

As usual, he lets others incorrectly identify himself as a retired Vice Admiral, as opposed to Rear Admiral. The whole sorted story can be found by following the Sestak tag below - but for the Executive Summary, follow the HotAir link above for my email quote.
UPDATE: Thanks to reader Corsairs Forever, we have a PDF from the online Naval Registry you can download here.

Aw heck, lets add a pic of it as well because facts are such beautiful things. (NB:"RDMU" means "Read Admiral, Upper Half" ie; RADM, AKA Rear Admiral, 2-stars)

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