Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why Rush is right....

Due to the fact I can't listen to a radio where I work - I don't hear Rush. It has been reported is a variety of places that Rush Limbaugh stated that given what we know now, and understanding that things can change on a dime in politics, there is a 80% chance that Sen. Clinton (D-NY) will be the next President.

You know, he is right. Here is why.

The Republican race right now is in a scrum and the core of the Republican party is not happy. The reason is that on average, the Republican care about the ideas of Conservatism. They feel betrayed by the former Republican Congress that went native - and have never been all that happy with GWB. They held their nose and voted for him, and they never really trusted him. That is without taking into consideration national security issues. They do not trust any of the "electable" candidates out there right now and it shows. Even the less than ideal Fred Thompson looks good when they look at the balance of McCain, Giuliani, and Romney.

The Democrats, however, care about power. Sure, they have their ideas that they will chase down - but most of all they want power. They had the 2000, 2002, and 2004 election stolen from they by the cruel twists of history and an imperfect system of election leaders. 2006 made them feel better - but to get the power they want to make the changes they want to make to better mold this nation to their image - they want it all. Not only do they want it all, they want a leader that is not shy about taking power and using it for all it's worth.

There are more people who fear Clinton than respect her. They know she is an incredibly polarizing factor in politics - but they see a perfect storm in '08 in the likely event, in their eyes, Iraq ends in a humiliating defeat and they gain more House, Senate, and then Presidential power. Once they have all three branches, then they can take out the heavy tools and get to work.

That is their vision. In their heart, they like the clear Leftism and sooth feel they get with Obama - but they know he is a political carebear. They want what Hillary is offering - pure, brutal, direct power. She knows it.

She has the machine. She has the money. She is looking at the Republican field and is aching for a chance to destroy the poor naif that tries to run against her in the general election.

Hillary is not to be dismissed. She knows that she has 40% of the electorate sewn up. She knows 40% will never vote for her. She knows the the squishy middle is open to give the Democrats a try so that there will be some chance a change in the White House can make war and strife go away.

Of course, it won't - and Hillary knows it. She also knows that this is her one shot for what she has always worked for - higher and greater levels of power.

I hope you are not sick of the '08 election yet. This is going to be a long, hard, slog. This will be nasty, expensive and not for the faint of heart.

Prepare yourself - if the Republicans do not start to rally around a front runner in the next 4-6 months, they will be too weak to keep up. Hillary isn't all that worried about Obama. She has a plan A-Z to deal with him. One way or another, he will either become part of her team or will be destroyed.

One last thing, something I will perhaps post on another day - I will know when it will be a 95% chance that Hillary and/or a Democrat will be President; Labor Day.

Labor Day '07. And it is all about Iraq. How and why is for another day. I need to go to work.

One light at the end of the tunnel though is that Hillary could self-destruct - but I think that is less likely than the Republican front runner being destroyed.

I think though, I may start something new on May Day. First of Month Metrics and Campaign Assessment or something. I will have to ponder.

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