Thursday, April 19, 2007

The critical French election

France has a chance - and things are very close. They can move towards a more responsible position in the world ... or select a leader that is part of the dead-end EuroSocialist-Feminist Pact.
At an outdoor rally just days before the French are to cast their ballots for president, Ségolène Royal, the Socialist candidate, came with a special message.

"I want to address myself to the women," Royal declared in the town of Achicourt in northern France on Sunday. "I need the women's vote."

She called on women to write "a new page in the history of France" by making her the first country's female president. "The entire world is watching you," she told them.

While Royal's plea is revolutionary, it could backfire. The wooing of women voters as women is alien to republican France, where all citizens - and voters - are supposed to be treated as equals and where gender, race, ethnicity and religion are supposed to be ignored.
"The female wage-earner is today's proletariat," she said, as she denounced profit-making enterprises for cutting rather than creating jobs.
That woman is not worthy of the position of President of France - a nation that can be a great nation.

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