Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hard to get the smell out of your head

Ever been around an electrical fire? An industrial fire? A fire at sea?

No imagine that there is no escape, the doors and windows are all locked up. You are the fire department.

Remember the USS Bonfish (SS-582) in 1988? Xformed does.
The next thing I know here comes a fire ball out of the overhead and it blows me and the other guys that were chained together through our EAB’s into the crews mess. I remember thinking that those guys are all dead the fireball rolled right over their backs and didn’t do the damage that it could have. By now though we cant see a thing in the midships compartment. It is completely black. We lost comms a few minutes later and we could feel the flames rushing across the battery well under our feet. The next thing that I remember was someone passing the word to abandon ship.

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