Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A cancer on the Navy's brain

We have too many people who think they have to justify their incomes by the volume of words they put out. I am hard pressed to identify the "information to data" ratio in this jewel from NAVSEA, but I will give it a .1. The use and mis-use of all the bad B-school lingo has got to stop. It adds little value.

This week, rather than concentrate on a single theme, I would like to touch on several things that I hope you find informative and interesting.

As you are aware, alignment with the Warfare Enterprises is one of NAVSEA's Top Five priorities. There are 6 existing Warfare Enterprises: Naval Aviation, Surface, Undersea, Expeditionary, NetWarfare ForceNET and the latest emerging Enterprise - Special Operations. The focus of the Warfare Enterprises is Current Readiness that is enabled by a workforce fully educated and trained to deliver and sustain that readiness through common LEAN processes. NAVSEA is unique in that it is actively engaged with all six warfighting enterprises. In addition to the Warfare Enterprises, the Navy is in the process of standing up a Provider Enterprise (PE). Unlike the Warfare Enterprises, the focus of the PE is on providing future Navy capabilities and support to current Fleet readiness. NAVSEA is a "provider" in the PE and we are the senior SYSCOM of the five SYSCOM Providers. There are two expected outputs of the PE: deliver future capability at cost and to provide support to current Fleet readiness at cost. Recently PE objectives were developed to help focus our efforts. Some of the objectives include:

* Deliver output necessary to support requirements for current readiness
* Deliver current acquisition programs to cost, schedule and performance
* Reduce future acquisition program procurements costs
* Reduce future acquisition program total ownership costs
* Deliver right balance of skilled personnel to the Enterprise.

The next steps will be to identify measures and targets that we will use to monitor progress and performance. This is a journey that we are embarking on with our ASN(RD&A) partners as well as the other enabling Commands; e.g. CNI, BUMED, ONR, and MPT&E. We are on an aggressive schedule and expect to be fully operational as a Provider in the next twelve months. Both VADM Sullivan and I play an active role in the stand-up of the PE as well as in the governance of its execution. There will be more to follow on this in later messages.

Shifting gears to the people side of our business. This week NAVSEA headquarters personnel have been participating in "Lean Week," which is designed to help synergize the Lean projects here at headquarters each month. Several Lean Events including a PEO Ships Rapid Improvement Event, PEO LMW PMS 480 Executive Planning Session, SEA 00D Rapid Improvement Event/Just-Do-It, a PEO IWS 6.0 Executive Planning Session and SEA 10 Project work. This is the first of what will become a monthly activity at Headquarters. Command-wide, over 1600 Rapid Improvement Events and projects are planned for FY 07. Great work everyone and let's keep it up!

It's amazing how quickly we've arrived at the time for NSPS mid-years. Regardless of what pay plan you are on mid-year performance reviews are the opportunity for us - supervisors and employees alike - to assess how well employees are progressing toward achieving our objectives and make any necessary course corrections. Remember this is a two way street. All employees need to be proactive. Do not wait on your supervisor/rating official to schedule time for this discussion - initiate the scheduling yourself. This is important so please take time to prepare for your meeting with your supervisor and keep in mind that you need to "own" your objectives. That means you should be able to demonstrate to your supervisor how you're achieving your objectives and show how you're tracking your progress. You will especially need to have this information at hand when the final ratings are due next fall.

Allow me another shift - Congress this month designated 25 March each year as National Medal of Honor Day. March 25, 1863 was the day the first Medal of Honor was presented. Since that time 3,444 service members have received the nation's highest military honor for courage under fire, with 112 Medal of Honor recipients still living. The two most recent recipients, USMC Cpl. Jason Dunham and USA Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith, were both recognized posthumously for bravery in the war in Iraq. Just last week the Navy announced that the newest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer (DDG 109) will be USS JASON DUNHAM in his memory. We also join in saluting the Tuskegee Airmen who were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal yesterday. These men left a remarkable legacy to those who wear the uniform of the United States and are owed a debt of gratitude from us all for their valor during World War II. The sacrifices and bravery of all Medal of Honor recipients remind us again and again that the price of freedom is not free.

One final reminder for the folks in the Washington DC area next week. Please plan on attending the Navy League's Sea Air Space Symposium at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. It is April 3-5 and well worth the visit.

Finally, it is Cherry Blossom Festival time in DC. For those of you who live here or who have visited the city during the festival you know just how beautiful it is. Regardless of where you live, I'm sure your city is becoming alive with Spring. I just started my gardening "chores" last week and was invigorated by being outside again! I can't wait to get back out there again this weekend!

So, as always I hope you make time to get outside and enjoy the fine weather with your families. Be safe and be healthy!


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Ungh. What happened to short and direct communication in clear language. Just ungh.

Hat tip to my NAVSEA pogue.

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