Thursday, April 05, 2007

The CNO has spoken

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mullen (a Surface Warrior Officer) had a one-on-one interview earlier today with CNN. I cannot find it on their site, but that is OK - I remember what the CNO said.

The question was asked, twice, something to the effect, "What would our Sailors and Marines have done in a similar situation the British servicemembers found themselves?"

The CNO was very short and to the point. I paraphrase, but not too far from his actual words,
My Sailors would not have been taken prisoner.
That message, Shipmates, is quite clear. Even if you forgot what your ROE was - you are not taken prisoner. Better have a plan. I think the operative word now days is "kinetic."

Carry on.
UPDATE: From reader Over-the-hill-Spook, we now have the transcript. Here are the exact words of the CNO,
My expectations is that American sailors are never seized in a situation like that. And individuals and units are guided by the right of self-defense. They don't have to ask permission to take action to protect themselves.
I think my "heard once between meetings.." Sailor boil-down got the essence.

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