Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How will they wash away the blood?

Reading the last bit of “thought” coming from Sen. Reid (D-NV) and the rest of the Democrats, one thing keeps coming to mind; if they get what they want, how do they plan to wash all the blood off their hands? How will they be able to look at themselves in the mirror?
- At a minimum, there will be hundreds of thousands to millions of civilians killed just to bring more chaos – none of which will be in the long term gain for the US or its allies.
- There will be millions of refugees – at least 100,000 will wind up in the US.
- The Islamists will be given a tremendous victory.
- They will follow us home.
- They will soak Europe in blood.
- They will destroy or co-opt pro-US governments in the area.
- The US will lose its influence in the region and worldwide for at least a decade.
- The US military will on balance feel betrayed and decoupled from the Legislative Branch of its Government – and further feel disconnected from the Democrat Party. That is not good for this nation.

In the face of the loss of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will follow. There will be a growing mood to decouple from global commitments on a whole. Intended or not, I think that will grow from the Left and right. That is not good for this Nation.

As I said a long time ago there are some who will sacrifice the lives of millions of foreigners and will waste the sacrificed lives of thousands of their countrymen for domestic political gain.
The fact that the Majority Leader of the Senate would threaten to set a 01 OCT 07 deadline for Iraq should tell you all you need to know. Once you do that, you announce your surrender. You accept defeat.
I know the briefs he has received. I know the reports he has read. I know what he knows about the truth on the ground. There are only three possible reasons he is doing what he is doing;
1. He does not read or listen to what the military gives him.
2. He thinks the military is lying to him.
3. He does not give a damn – he only cares about getting more Senate seats.

The short term big question is; have the Democrats overplayed their hand?

The long term big question is; has he looked at the tipping point where a defeat – a defeat that would be tied to the Democrats – would be a negative to the Democrats? Let’s see what comes out of Gen. Petraeus’ brief there this week. Maybe this time they will show up.

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