Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Last WWI Shipmate goes ashore

He could have been with my Grandfathers in boot camp. One was even a Gunner's Mate on a Battleship, though not Mr. Brown's.
Lloyd Brown, the last known surviving World War I Navy veteran, has died. He was 105.
Brown was born Oct. 7, 1901, in Lutie, Mo., a small farming town in the Ozarks. His family later moved to Chadwick, Mo. In 1918, 16-year-old Brown lied about his age to join the Navy and was soon on the gun crew on the battleship USS New Hampshire.

"All the young men were going in the service. They were making the headlines, the boys that enlisted," Brown told The (Baltimore) Sun in a 2005 interview. "And all the girls liked someone in uniform."
Fair winds and following seas.

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