Monday, April 16, 2007

VA Tech & the Vampire Media

The first political thing that came to mind when I heard about the VA Tech shootings today was that no one should be in front of Sen. Schumer and a microphone as he and the leading Democrats run to call for more gun control - well I was wrong.

The Whitehouse Press Corps beat them. When the Tony Snow's Asst. stepped up to say something for the President and to announce the President would speak, she opened up for questions. The first question from a female reporter was really a demand - a demand for more gun control.

I will say this very clear. It is gun control that caused the massive death toll - no a cult like belief in gun control. Via Instapundit, the blame is with the Virginia Assembly.
...John Lucas, who works with a Virginia law firm, emails that Va. Tech is a "gun-free zone." Well, for those who follow the law. There was an effort to change that but it failed: "A bill that would have given college students and employees the right to carry handguns on campus died with nary a shot being fired in the General Assembly." That's unfortunate. Had the bill passed, things might have turned out differently, though we'll never know now.
I would throw in another thing. As you strip away the teaching of heroes - when you worship the victim - when you don't nourish a culture of sheep dogs - you forget that it is best for a few to die on their feet than to have all die on their knees.

3 out of 4 of the passengers and crew from 911 died without resisting. As a result thousands more died. On Flight 93, the men rose up. By their sacrifice, untold hundreds or thousands were saved.

As we know it now, about 30 people were killed on their knees or shot in the back by one man. One man; a man who needed to reload and did not have eyes in the back of his head. Maybe someone resisted. That was and engineering school. From my memory, about 75%+ of engineering students are male. If only half stood up when the first shot was fired, how many would have been saved? Yes, I know, I discounted the women. There are many brave women out there, but few have what men have left over from our Upper-Paleolithic ancestors - testosterone. That is what makes men pay more car insurance, beat more of their spouses - and commit more murders. It can also be used for good. The sad thing, our culture in the last 25-30 years, especially in schools, have tried to tell our men to forget they have a pair. How many schools no longer have wrestling? Are there any that still have boxing? Ponder it.

In the end though, we should keep the families of the victims in our mind, and until the bodies are buried - let's keep the politics out of it. I will try, but I won't hold my fire as long as there is incoming - especially from the "elite" WH Press Corps.

Hat tip Capt. Ed.
UPDATE: Michelle has some great links on the subject, but let me bring your attention to a couple.

First, we have a first-hand report of a man at VA Tech doing what he could. Action-action-action. In the military you are trained to head to the sound of gunfire, find the source of the fire, hunt down the breach - Bravo Zulu to this guy doing something but wait for death.
Dear Michelle,

I was in Norris Hall today when the shootings took place. I thought I'd give you my account in case you wanted more information.

It was just a regular day in class; the door was open and we heard a pop-pop-popping noise. Sounded like some kind of construction but it was getting disruptive so we went to close the door, and one of the girls stepped out in the hallway to see what it was. She saw the gun and ran back inside the room and slammed the door shut and we all got down on the floor.

We heard pretty much continuous shooting for the next minute or so, and I said, "Shouldn't we barricade the door," because we were sitting ducks with no way out inside that room if he opened the door. A couple more people floated the idea that "We need to barricade the door, NOW." But I was too scared to even move, much less move the teacher's desk.

Finally one of the guys in the front of the classroom was brave enough to get up and move the desk in front of the door to prevent outside entry. About twenty seconds later, the shooter rattled the doorknob trying to get in. When he couldn't get in he fired two shots through the door (single solid piece of wood) and left. We heard him go in to 206 (the room across the hall) and shoot the people in that room. If we hadn't put the barricade up when we did, I and all my classmates would be dead.
Go back 5 years and you see what an armed citizen, or two, can do when someone decides to after masses of the unarmed.
After two armed southwest Virginia law students stopped a campus shooting rampage in January, a Second Amendment group at a northern Virginia law school decided it was time to change their own school's ban on guns.

"We are trying to build a detailed and persuasive brief that would include statistics on increases in safety, decreases in violent crime when you do have concealed carry permit holders in a jurisdiction," said Orest J. Jowyk, president of the Second Amendment group at George Mason University School of Law.

"I think the middle ground is to allow concealed handgun permit holders to carry just like they can anywhere else in Virginia," he said. "You provide extra safety to the student body that way."

Jowyk began researching his law school's gun policy following the January incident in which a disgruntled student at Appalachian Law School, Peter Odighizuwa, allegedly shot and killed the school's dean, a professor and a student on campus before being subdued by two armed students, Mikael Gross and Tracy Bridges.

Gross and Bridges reportedly ran to their cars to fetch their own guns and returned to confront Odighizuwa, who surrendered after allegedly initiating a fistfight.
BTW, the shooter, Peter Odighizuwa, was a Nigerian. If it turns out that the VA Tech shooter is what the rumors say - a Mainland Chinese - then, well, what does this say?

Shocker, the gun-control pimps are out strutting. Clueless a55hats.

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