Saturday, April 01, 2006

War warning

I am an idiot. I will leave this here to remind myself what a sucker I am. People love to play poker with me. I am going blog my tail off MON and TUE to knock this out of the buffer. What a putz I am.

That is the best way for me to describe this. Not an April's fool.

Blogging anonymously provided no protection because someone leaked to the university administration the information about your Sith Master and The Jawa Report. The administration recoiled and totally disregarded such things as qualifications and capabilities. Being a conservative is a deal-breaker in academia.

Therefore, The Jawa Report officially issues a fatwa declaring a war of words against the leaker who is also a blogger. People are already investigating. A field of suspects is being narrowed and you will be found soon. So, declare yourself, you stinking vermin, and let the games begin.

If you are an anonblogger (as I am), you will understand why we must all turn our bows in the direction of cannon fire.

War warning.

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