Thursday, April 20, 2006

USNA - training warfighters?

From a very good source, here is a jewel that will show you what the Annapolis School for Whatever is doing to train warfighters to go out and kill the type of people who, if given the chance, will grab the nearest Ginsu and slice off you head.
This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month across the nation. The Brigade Sexual Assault Victim Intervention (SAVI) GUIDEs (which stands for Guidance, Understanding, Information, Direction and Education) have conducted activities throughout the month designed to educate members on issues concerning Sexual Assault as well as it's prevention and support structure. This month's theme is "It's Our Issue, So Let's Take a Stand."

The first week was dedicated to releasing statistics associated with sexual assault.

The mission of the second week was to broadcast resources in the unfortunate instance of a sexual assault. Several midshipmen met with reporters from the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Capital and Virginia Pilot explaining the multiple routes a midshipmen can take if an assault occurs.

Last Thursday there was an open forum with the Brigade SAVI Liaison LT Lydia Doye, the Sexual Assault and Prevention Specialist Karen Gentile, the Commandant's Legal Advisor LCDR Roper, SJA LT Anne Marks and several SAVI GUIDEs fielding questions about the process.

Friday, 21 April, the SAVI program is sponsoring the showing of North CountryCharlize Theron) in Mitscher Hall Theater. While the movie primarily focuses on the harassment of women working in coal mines, there are many themes that are similar to sexual assault cases. Other women put extreme pressure on each other not to report. Those who are victims work in an environment where they constantly fear what will happen next. They are overwhelmed by out of control rumors contrived to ruin their reputations and drive them out. There are a couple sexual assaults that are pretty graphic and may be traumatic if someone has personal experience with this topic. SAVI GUIDEs and staff are available to discuss any concerns.

Monday, 24 April, the English Department is sponsoring "
(with Under Covers 2006: Midshipmen's Perspectives on Gender," at 2000 in Mahan Hall. This is a midshipman-written, midshipman-performed event that uses theater to examine and openly discuss gender issues at the Naval Academy. This is an excellent opportunity to glimpse what the Brigade thinks the culture actually is with respect to gender, sexuality and to a smaller extent, alcohol and discipline.

Thursday, 27 April "Can I Kiss You" by Mike Domitrz will be presented to all 1/C in Alumni Hall from 1830 - 2000. Mike Domitrz is revolutionizing the entire educational approach from "
No Means No" to now teaching "Do You Ask?" -- putting the responsibility where it belongs -- on the person taking the action of touching another person. This presentation deals with adult issues which may not be appropriate for children under the age of 16.

Finally, SAVI is sponsoring a
poster contest with the theme "It's Our Issue, So Let's Take a Stand." The top three finalists will get prized of $100, $50, and $25. Winners will be selected from 20-23 APR and announced at noon meal on 24 APR. Posters are in various locations in the hall.

CAPT Allison Wxxx-Gxxx, USN
Deputy Director, Officer Development Division
Navy Women's Crew Officer Representative
U. S. Naval Academy

Beyond parody.

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