Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Surviving Germany

When I am not playing with the Dutch, I enjoy Germany. Believe it or not, it is more "American." Anyway, this is a must read "Survival Guide." The most important one just came out though. They have a different idea about the potty. Quite literally, T.I.N.S.
Flip open the toilet lid in older German hotels, homes and apartments and you may find yourself confronted with a rather odd porcelain construction: the so-called toilet shelf perfectly placed to catch whatever may be deposited. The results are predictable. Whereas normally, the excretor, mounted on his throne, is offered proof of success in the form of a satisfying plop, in Germany, the plop is replaced by a perturbing splat. And there the turd stays, high and dry, until flushed away.
If you really must know. Here is a picture of one. In a word: disturbing. Reader Rotorhead is about the only one who could use it.

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