Saturday, April 01, 2006

Help defend free speech - in North America

I am going to quote Captain Ed's plea in whole as he puts it just right.

The excellent Canadian magazine Western Standard now faces a lawsuit from an Islamic cleric in Calgary for publishing the Prophet cartoons in its coverage of the massive riots around the world earlier this year. The suit was presented in "human rights court", an apparent dodge in which to silence criticism of radical Islam's political goals through the squelching of legitimate satire. The cost of defending the lawsuit may prove too much for the magazine, estimated at $75,000.

CQ readers can assist the Western Standard in its fight for free speech. The information for their legal defense fund can be found here. If we want to prevail against the forces that would silence us and force us to live in dhimmitude either of their making or ours, now is the time to be heard.

I just sent my $50 (Canadian dollars there, eh).

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