Friday, April 21, 2006

Gen. Zinni - it is all clear now

OK all you old Cold Warriors....remember whenever they needed some retired Flag in the 1980s (usually the now-late RADM Carroll) to come out and say how inept/stupid/terrible/impotent the U.S. military was and how it should/would/could never succeed in anything it did, and every other nation was right and ours was wrong? Yep, thanks to a reader, I have tripped over the Center for Defense Information again.

Oh, it was/is a festival of military self-hate and doubt. Just a PSYCH101 dream project on motivations. I mean, just look at their history. Look at their parallel organization, World Security Institute and its Russian/Cuba fetish. These guys belong in a 1970s theme part, or a "Where are the anti-Cruise Missile protesters now..." thingy on VH-1.

To the point; guess who is listed as a CDI Distinguished Military Fellow? Why, Tony is!

...and who is he hanging out with now days? Lawrence J. Korb (but he can bash, he was in the Reagan Admin...yawn), Mr. Anti-nuke Bruce G. Blair, along with Coyl, Newhouse and assorted other unemployed Left leaning defense folks. But here is where the good parties come from, check out his new golf partners on the Board of Advisors. We have Ben Cohen - Founder, Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc., Alan H. Fleischmann Managing Director, The ImagineNations Group, Paul Newman (I think he makes salad dressing), Joanne Woodward, the Ungerleider twins Andrew (Earthstone International Ltd) and Steven (Psychologist), and my favorite military advisor - Barbara Slaner Winslow, Ph.D., School of Education and Women's Studies Program, Brooklyn College/City University of New York, N.Y.; just to name a few.

This is getting fun. I feel like I should be reviewing my Echo II sub-characteristics again. Lets see, how many teeth in the ring gear on a Type 1 nuc again......

It is all clear now. Yes, oh yes. Much clearer. Nice new friends you have there. They should all come to the next Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

Oh General, how are the pre-sales on the book going?
I'm going to have a good weekend all. You do the same. See you for the Sunday Funnies.

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