Friday, April 28, 2006

BZ to the Cadets of West Point

A strike for Liberty and a desire to be treated as professionals in a free country, I’d say.
Cassella said he believes that the incident grew out of a "misperception" among cadets that they had been tricked into complying with a surprise drug search. They had been awakened around dawn on April 19 for a fire drill, but while they were still outside, police squads entered the buildings with drug-sniffing dogs. Frustration built during the day, and the outburst began at about 10:30 that night and lasted an hour, he said.

No narcotics were found in the search, and no disciplinary charges have been brought since the incident.
Good for them.

So, when some at Annapolis make students sit down and be lectured at like they are a bunch of sexually deviant, small, masturbating, rapist, children – as opposed to the adult Midshipmen training to be leaders in combat – what protests may happen?

Hmmmmm. As everyone sits trough the “Can I touch you” <> lecture and then get up to leave when it is over; should each mandatory member of the audience leave a half-dozen condoms on their seat? Should everyone mail a condom to … well … you can figure it out. Just don’t leave any fingerprints…

It is official now (this is coming from a Navy guy): the Army has lovers of freedom and fairness coming down the line; the Navy seems to have nothing but geldings.

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