Friday, April 28, 2006

For your mental health

- Unemployment: doing great.
- Consumer confidence: going up.
- Growth: continues to expand.

- Recruiting: up.
- Reenlistment: up.
- Education: military greater than general population.

- Government: forming well.
- Sistani – says its time to end militias.
- Troops levels: down 20% and decreasing.

- Refugees: returning.
- Dutch: fighting.

- Murder: rates down.
- Crime in general: down.

- Teenage pregnancy: down.
- Abortion rates: down.
- Marriage success: up.

There, be happy. Have a good weekend and know that you live in the “good ‘ole days.”

As for Phibian, hey, my HDL is 68 and I weigh the same as I did in 1994 and have only added 1” to my waist since I was 17 (well over 6' and under 200#). My wife still laughs with and at me.

No, I am not medicated. Won’t do it. I want my anger…it just isn’t here today.

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