Tuesday, April 18, 2006

7 days in April?

Is there more bubbling out there WRT a "Generals War?" Is there something happening...or is this just a Election '06 "Perfect Storm" dream?
...in Sunday's Washington Post the very smart, very well-connected former Clinton Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke published an article entitled "Behind the Military Revolt." In this article he predicts that there will be increasing numbers of retired generals speaking out against Sec. Rumsfeld. Then, shockingly, he writes the following words: "If more angry generals emerge -- and they will -- if some of them are on active duty, as seems probable . . . then this storm will continue until finally it consumes not only Donald Rumsfeld."

Mr. Holbrooke is at the least very well-informed -- if he is not himself part of this military cabal intended to "consume ... Donald Rumsfeld." Mr. Holbrooke sets the historic tone of his article in his first sentence when he says this event is "the most serious public confrontation between the military and administration since . . . Harry Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur."
He goes into the legal side of the house of this as well; I'm not qualified to speak to that - but I think he is wrong.

Hey, I spend most of my time on the Navy side of the house. If there is an Active Duty group of SIGNIFICANT Flag Officers who are looking at doing this at this stage of the game; they should standby. They are out of step with the Flags that ignore me in the back of the room as they talk: things will get bloody. Look how history treats MacArthur vs McClellen. This is an election year. Close to the election. I don't care if they have the best of intentions - it is going to be looked at as domestic politics - because that is what it is. If such a thing exists outside Holbrooke's nogg'n, and Holbrooke knows about it, I know it is nothing but election year politics.

Bring it on, sirs (if you are out there....). Bring it on. If in the likely event this doesn't happen, it just adds more proof that Holbrooke is a putz. If it does happen, he is conspiring with Flag Officers on Active Duty to impact and election. He is still a putz....or worse. Yea, I called him that. I have my reasons. Nuff said.

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