Monday, April 17, 2006

The unbearable brilliance of Democrats

If you don’t like it when I stick my toe in Party politics, then go here; because I am taking a chance to vent a spleen.

A great bit in Opinion Journal last THU has been bouncing around my head all weekend. Fold in what Newt and George Will have added, and I am starting to believe more and more that there will be a mini-94 for the Left in NOV….unless the Republicans get their act together….they are running out of time.
If Republicans lose control of Congress in November, they might want to look back at last Thursday as the day it was lost. That's when the big spenders among House Republicans blew up a deal between the leadership and rank-in-file to impose some modest spending discipline.
Read the whole bit, it is about Earmarks, I’m not going to get into the details. What is tells a story about is a Party that is mired in the ooze of the Beltway and is doing just about everything with 180 deg lockoff when it comes to the core to winning in elections in a 50/50 country – turning out your base.

The Republican plan for such a thing has the hollow ring of election year patronizing.
On tap for action in the Senate, Republican aides confirmed, is an anti-flag-burning amendment and a House-passed bill making it a federal crime to skirt a state parental-notification law by taking a minor to another state to obtain an abortion without her parents' involvement. The House will probably vote for the first time on a relatively new bill requiring doctors to inform women seeking abortions that the procedure will cause pain to the unborn child, said a House Republican aide.

There's also talk in the Senate about taking action against what some conservatives see as a judicial attack on the Pledge of Allegiance because of the phrase "under God," one Senate Republican aide said. The House passed such a measure in 2004.

"Just those three alone -- marriage, abortion and religious freedom ... that would be really exciting to our grass roots, and it'd probably ensure that the Republicans keep the House and Senate," Mr. Backlin said.
Ummmm, where have you been the last few years?
"It seems like for only six months, every two years — right around election time — that we're even noticed," said Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council.
Truth in advertising here: I think a Flag Burning Amendment is about as stupid as you can get. Fold that into McCain/Feingold and the 527 foolishness that George covered above and I just want to ask, “Ever hear of the 1st?” Burn ‘em all you want. All six of you. Yawn. The other items IMAO belong to the States, and in any event should not be in the Top 5 right now. For the last 12 years the right has heard the same bleating so you can avoid the hard work. Vince Lombardi is what you need to get your base back. Control spending; get your ethical house in order – then work hard on those issues.
A category five political storm is building in GOP precincts around the country, and it is going to blow Republicans right out of the majority in November if they don't soon give their supporters some reason to re-elect them. So far this year they've passed limits on free speech that liberals love, but they haven't been able to extend the wildly successful 2003 tax cuts by even a mere two years. And now they won't even allow a vote on budget reforms that their own President and a majority of their own Members support.

At the current pace, a Democratic majority in Congress would be preferable, if only for reasons of truth in advertising.
And after a couple of years with the Democrats in charge of the House and/or Senate, the horror will be such, perhaps the base will demand the right leaders and policies and will turn out in style in ’08. The Republicans could use it as a chance to clean house....if they were smart....and come back stronger.

There is a pent-up backlash that usually happens in year 6, like of like what happens (but didn’t) in year 2. In the unlikely event the Republicans hold one or both Houses after the NOV elections, the results in ’08 may be ugly. More of the dithering of the last 2 years will not make anyone happy, the base will stay home, and the squishy middle will fade left just for a change.

So, why the title of the post? Simple – look for a Democrat plan, you cannot find one. Besides, “We oppose…..” there isn’t much there. The reason? They know that “When you enemy is destroying itself, get out of there way. Don’t just do something; stand there.” Their policy is out of line with the American Public, but the Republican actions in the House and Senate are out of line with themselves. When faced with a real Democrat of a fake Democrat, the American Public will take the real one every time.

The trend right now is a good chance the House goes (D), just a bit, and the Senate just hold the Senate, keeping it (R). There is 6+ months to go, a lot can change, but ......

Oh, another reason the post-’06 world will be fun. Say it loud, say it proud, Senator Sanders.

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