Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Giving the Army Credit

No, I'm not converting, but two days in a row I have to give a respectful nod to the Army. I followed one of the links I found to the post from earlier about the Army and its book-learn'n....and where did it lead me but to a army.mil page called Stand-To!

That my friends is an official site. Look at today's (21 MAR 06) edition on the bottom right hand corner...they have a "WHAT'S BEING SAID IN BLOGS" section. And who is there, why 'lil Phibian's post.

Sad to say, perhaps it is there somewhere, but it is difficult for me to see this on a navy.mil site. Could you imagine a navy.mil blog corner that would link to (in lineal number methinks) Lex, Chap, Bubblehead, Eagle1, Skippy-san, Phib, and Yankee? That would be cool. Well, maybe not Skippy.....

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