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Sex and the Single Midshipman

What is in the water at Annapolis? From the not-anti-USNA paper, The Capital is another example, if accurate (two sources tell me it is,) of the rot that needs to be excised from Severn School for Wayward Youth.
The mid, a member of the school's crew team, was dismissed from the school for having consensual sex with a classmate during a training exercise in July.

The midshipman said he had sex with her, and three other female midshipmen who were witnesses in the case, engaged in identical or similar sexual misconduct but were not punished, the midshipman said.
OK, I was going to be serious in this post. But I can't help myself. Questions: (1) If the three other female MIDN were witnesses to the case - the male MIDN slept with them as well - did all this take place at the same time? (2) Did he do an act with one of the four (ah, to be young again) that is worthy of being expelled, but was doing/did acts with the other three that does not? (3) Is there a diagram?
Instead, they were counseled about avoiding situations that led to sexual harassment and misconduct, he said.
Like being a Skank?
"In an effort to make things equal or better for women, the academy has decided to let what females do go untouched," the male midshipman said in an interview with The Capital. He asked that his name not be used in the article.
Ummmmmm...sounds like they were touched plenty - and did some touching too.
The midshipman described the relationship between him and his classmate as a "kind of a summer fling" that lasted "a week and a half."

"They (the academy) decided to press it under sexual misconduct," he said.
Man, Plebe Summer has changed.
When asked, Cmdr. Gibbons said data was not available to show how many midshipmen, either cumulatively or by gender, had been discharged in the past two years for sexual harassment, assault and misconduct.
Not available to you, maybe.
The case of the male midshipman who alleges inequity of punishment started in July when he was an 18-year-old freshman.
Plebe Summer has REALLY CHANGED!
He admitted to Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigators that he had consensual sex with a female classmate over a period of about 10 days while on a training exercise in Norfolk, Va., according to documents in the case.

All sex acts took place in a hotel room or in a car at the Norfolk Navy Yard, according to case documents.
Along with about half the Navy methinks. Oh, the MA stories you should hear...
"The NCIS report I saw said there was no point at which she (the female mid) was a victim. But the academy picked it up from there ... They decided to press it under sexual misconduct."
For him only, it seems. Only misconduct for pitching, not catching.
While one female midshipman allegedly had sex with the male midshipman in this case, two others, who became witnesses in the case, allegedly engaged in sexual acts in a hotel room with NROTC midshipmen who were there training with the crew of the USS Leyte Gulf, the midshipman wrote in one memo.
Well, at least they aren't snobs. Score two for the NROTC guys!
A fourth woman mid who was a witness allegedly spent the night with a commissioned officer, according to the memo, an act which would have violated the military rule against fraternization.
Reminds me of the time in Spain when I was brought out of my sleep by one of the male MIDN doing "PQS" at about 0200 with one of our female LTJG.
"On the night of 09 July 2005, (female) MIDN 2 not only engaged in sexual intercourse (on the floor of a hotel room), but did so fully aware that currently present in the room were 4 other MIDN who were awake at the time," the midshipman wrote.

"(Female) MIDN 3 bragged about her previous sexual experiences with another MIDN at the academy. She ... bragged about how she had a Dole (banana) sticker in her cover (hat) for the numerous times she had had sexual intercourse on the yard."

This female allegedly boasted about "having had sexual intercourse in the different classrooms in Luce Hall."
Just read that again. Nothing new, just funny to see it in a newspaper. On the solo front, you really don't want to know about "marking territory" at Annapolis. You don't. Really.
Now for the serious stuff. This happens every weekend at every CO-ED school in the Western world. Actually, the MIDN above are rank amateurs compared to the folks I went to school with. But, the USNA has different rules, so if you go there, follow them. If you run the place, you need to treat everyone the same.

Is this the example we want to set for the Fleet? If you are a Dawg, you get dismissed. If you are a Skank you are told to not sleep with the help and take it off campus? Talk about a paternalistic double-standard.

I would like more detail, but the report from the paper is in-line with what I have heard over the last few years from my JOs from Boat School, male and female, over a few beers.

More goodies over at TCF.

Hat tip RGT.

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