Friday, March 24, 2006

Dutch Senior Military (non)Leadership

See what happens when you read RadioNetherlands online? Lots of "Glad I am not being led by this guy.." stories.
Speaking to Radio Netherlands as the first troops left for Afghanistan, the Netherlands' most senior military commander, General Dick Berlijn, referred to the difficult political debate which preceded the mission, but also to the broad level of political support that subsequently emerged:

"When our government asked parliament … to support this mission, there was overwhelming support. That is very important for our soldiers. Whether or not there is strong support in our society when we have the first casualties, is something to be seen."
Yep, we are talking about General "you need to retire to your coal mine" Berlijn....again. That's the way to send off the troops! Wow, Patton has nothing on you!

If you don't think the written word is bad enough, listen to the guy.

Miles to go before we sleep, NATO. Miles to go.

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