Wednesday, March 22, 2006

21st Century Martyr

Martyr is a word thrown around a lot by the followers of Mohammed (no peas upon him) and the rather radical followers of Al-lah. Now days though, it is helpful to review the Martyr we are used to, and should be honored; those who were killed, often in terrible ways, just because they said, "I am a Christian."

You don't have to look to far back though. Right now, Abdul Rahman is on trial in Afghanistan for doing just that, and they want to give him the death penalty.

If the AF government goes through with this - I will give a pass to any nation now in AF who wants to put their troops in a C-160 and go home. We can't leave, but that is our problems. It is a lot to expect Slovokia to put its men on the line to preserve a government that kills people just because they are Christians.

Oh, BTW, if you live near DC, Michelle has a couple of ideas for you. Here is a video about it for Michael - or anyone else that understands Dutch.

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