Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Atheists – Eurabia’s useful idiots

The Slovene author Slavoj Zizek stumbled on the truth the other day in the IHT. Sad thing is, he doesn’t know it. Being very serious, he offers up a cluster of Self-delusion titled, “Atheism is a legacy worth fighting for.” You really can’t make this stuff up. Being a Zeuropean Leftist though, “fighting” is a metaphor for something just shy of extending your neck before the sword.
“Today, when religion is emerging as the wellspring of murderous violence around the world, assurances that Christian or Muslim or Hindu fundamentalists are only abusing and perverting the noble spiritual messages of their creeds ring increasingly hollow. What about restoring the dignity of atheism, one of Europe's greatest legacies and perhaps our only chance for peace?”
Yes, the great European atheists. They have brought so much to the world in the last 100 years. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler; just the Top 3. Should we continue?
“…Europe's most precious legacy … atheism? What makes modern Europe unique is that it is the first and only civilization in which atheism is a fully legitimate option, not an obstacle to any public post.”
And what has this given Europe? Deathbed demographics that results in a culture that is dying out, and a culture that is focused only on their own “now” and not sacrifice for a future that is more secure.
“The only political force that does not reduce them (Muslims) to second-class citizens and allows them the space to express their religious identity are the "godless" atheist liberals, while those closest to their religious social practice, their Christian mirror-image, are their greatest political enemies.”
Oh how frustrated he must feel. Being that there are so few Communists around to help the EuroLeft hate itself and its Western Freedoms – it has latched on the next best enemy of itself – Islamofascism. Funny thing happened on the way to the protest…you find out the Islamofascist hate you too. Oh, and they want your women Burka’d, enslaved, pregnant, and in the kitchen messing with chickpeas.

He just can’t wrap around the fact he can’t do to Muslims what he does to Christians…
“What about submitting Islam - together with all other religions - to a respectful, but for that reason no less ruthless, critical analysis? This, and only this, is the way to show a true respect for Muslims: to treat them as adults responsible for their beliefs.”
What about is Slavoj? Lead from the front there pal. Grab your crayons and start drawing. Go to the Mosque as talk about “dialog” and what march you want to do next.

Oh, one last thing there, bud. When was the last time a “Christian Fundamentalists” hijacked passenger aircraft? Tortured and killed hostages on video? Blew up trains, busses, and used their own children as weapons? When?

Moral relativism is a tricky thing.

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