Monday, March 13, 2006

'72-'75 Replay?

Not saying it will happen the same way (I will bet a PalmPilot’s next PerDiem check it doesn’t), but there are many that are using the template of the 72-75 engineered collapse of South Vietnam, in spite of the millions killed as a result, in order to regain domestic power. We saw it in 2004; and they are trying harder now for the ’06 elections.

There are three legs to this template for Leftist victory; Retreat, Scandal, Defeat. All three must happen, and paradoxically, all three must happen or none will happen. As happened in the early ‘70s, scandal weakened the Republicans to the point he could not resist congressionally mandated abandonment of the South Vietnamese.

As a result, unlike the defeat of the North Vietnamese in their ’72 Offensive, the South could not stop the ’75 offensive. With the fall of the South (Defeat), it turned Vietnamization-and-Withdrawl of earlier in the decade into a (Retreat), and of course all was done in the catalyst of Watergate (Scandal). We all know what happened ( )after that.

As we have seen in the last couple of years, using war and scandal, many on the Left have spent hours behind locked doors biting their lips with squinted eyes, flushed with the fantasy of reliving the glorious Vietnam death rattle they themselves engineered. We saw it with the death gibbeting, draft, quagmire babble, and march madness over the last few years.

Not quite getting that in gear, the scandal cooking (Sen. Feingold is just the latest iteration) continues. Almost comical, the White House Press Corps has been reduced to trying to make Watergate out of hunting accidents and shopping scams at Target.

This war is being won on the battlefield on both the tactical an operational level – on an order of magnitude greater than Vietnam (that we also won on the tactical and operational level) – the danger then as now is the political and strategic level.

So far, the Left is stuck with wasted time and tissue boxes, but they are not going to stop. Even if you found a statue of G.W. Bush in the middle of Baghdad, they would still be trying. There is great danger out there over the next year as the ’06 election cycle runs up. Watch the Weak Sisters of the Republican Party. Only through them can the wheels come off the wagon.

Many will happily sacrifice victory, national security, and the lives of millions of moderate Muslims for personal political satisfaction. Their hunger, combined with the useful idiots’ dreams, and misty-eyed fools’ misconceptions of the world are more than just a distraction to the road to victory – they are starting to look like a 5th Column; confusing victory for the Nation and the West with a victory for their hated enemy, Bush.

Today, we have Withdrawal from Iraq (Retreat), any Scandal-ju-jour-that-will-stick (Scandal), and Civil War (Defeat). Never would think a war was on.....

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