Friday, March 31, 2006

Elite Sheep

Over at Phi Betta Cons,

According to a poll of 1,902 undergraduates published by the Yale Herald this Tuesday, Yalies still don’t understand why it’s so terrible to have the Taliban on campus.

Only 21% of students said they were embarrassed to have Hashemi here. Even more embarrassing, only slightly less (19%) said that they were proud to have him here. Over half of the students were “neutral” — seeming to indicate that the natural tendency here is not to think until somewhat has already told you what the answer is.

Oh, it gets worse when you read the whole thing.
The final coup de grace of ‘thought’ here is therefore to accept that everyone’s idea of morality is different, and to declare that every morality is equally valid. This has the effect of deleting morality entirely. So Yale is left with no way to tell good from evil, and I am left with Hashemi in my dining hall.
Stand for nothing, you will stand for everything. Q.E.D.

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