Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Senator Stabenow, my how you have grown in office

Pushing the ROE envelope a bit here. Doing my normal tour of Drudge and The Corner , I ran across Senator Stabenow's rush for the spotlight. Looking at the picture on the left, I thought - that doesn't look like the Senator, there must be a problem with the picture. But a quick google search says; well - no.

I remember. Mmmmm; methinks. If you go over to
Emily's List recommended candidates, you find the picture on the right. Now that is the Senator I remember.

Not that there is anything wrong with it; I went over to the public servant's website to see more pictures, when I thought I saw a picture of her and her son. She has grown into a nice matronly grandmother type. That is great. Love them bunches, have one of my own. Oooopppsss! My bad. That is her new husband, Tom Athans with her on the left (pun intended).

More things bounced around my head. Why do I know that name? Ahhh ha! You old DC folks will remember that he
served as a staffer in the United States Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. So that is where they met. Oh, more fun stuff happened in his political life, after a stint at DemocracyRadio he now is at AirAmerica.

DC is such a fun town. The little slices of life that are just a click away.....

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