Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Poland the brave leads Europe - again

In the face of not so much popular support, retreating European armies from Ukraine and Bulgaria and others - Poland decides to extend its deployment to Iraq through the end of 2006.
Poland's government says it has taken the "very difficult decision" to extend its military deployment in Iraq until the end of 2006.

The new conservative government's decision reverses the previous leftist administration's plan to pull troops out in early 2006.

Poland, a staunch ally of the US, has about 1,500 troops stationed in Iraq.

It is the fifth biggest foreign contingent in Iraq, after the US, Britain, South Korea and Italy.

Americans should look closer and closer at the Poles. They are showing a spine that does honor to their traditions from King John Sobieski III to Monte Cassino.

Hat tip CAPT Ed.

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