Friday, December 23, 2005

Admiral Clark - shame on you

This is just sad. Pathetic when you think about it. Honestly, I wouldn't have expected this.

This is why we have a problem with our weapons systems. This is why there is so little trust in the fleet that decisions are made for the right reason, and the companies that build and design our weapons systems are being held accountable.

They have barely scraped off his name from the CNO Parking Spot (he retired this summer) and he is on the board of a major contractor. Look here at Raytheon's job jar - see how much is Navy. See how many Admiral Clark had a hand in.

This could be as clean as a hound's tooth - but I don't care. This stinks to high-heaven. This is wrong; this gives the perception of corruption and undue influence. This gives the appearance, though I don't think it is, of coming from the Duke Cunningham School of Ethics. Admiral Clark has/had a great reputation; this dishonors him, IMAO.

There should be cooling off period of 5 years or something. Again, this is wrong. There is a reason retirement pay is so high for a 4-star with 37 years. This is one of them - he isn't starving.

Next time a Flag Officer voices a concern that there is skepticism in the Fleet - throw this example their way.

PS - Great to be home. This beauty was waiting for me. I need a beer.
UPDATE:Because Sid asked - using this Retirement Pay calc provided by my employer and making a few assumptions: A 4-star leaving after 37 yrs makes approx. $123,925 a year in retirement pay. Not including Social Security that he will have as well in a few more years.

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