Thursday, December 08, 2005

Brussels today, your city tomorrow

"Some (Belgian) women don something on their heads, because then they are not troubled anymore."
Troubled with what? Wind? Bad hair?
These are young women aware of fashion, with sometimes tight skirts and a glimpse of a bare belly. Immigrant girls are reprimanded if they don't wear a headscarf, but also just because they walk on the streets, or if they dare to laugh among each other. Take the Zuidlaan across the Zuidstation. It used to be a very mixed neighborhood, where many Belgians had shops. Now it is a quarter where immigrant shops dominate, which are controlled by a certain type of men. They watch from cafes who passes and intimidate women. Gradually these disappear from the street. There is an atmosphere of intolerance. Women can't dress the way they would like to. Well, we are fed up being called whores because we are not dressed the way certain men would like us to be. It is an offensive and disrespectful attitude towards women."
Read the whole thing from OMC's post at DownEastBlog and follow all the links.

It is your culture. It is your freedom. If you love it, defend it. Otherwise, shut up when you find yourself a Dhimmi in your own country.

The fact the Leftists have gotten in bed with the Islamofascists is just maddness.

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