Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So much for gun control....

It is easier to find a good set of teeth in the UK than it is to get a gun. Funny thing happened on the way to crime free paradise.
Scotland's homicide rate for 2004-05 was the highest in almost a decade, according to newly released figures.

There were 137 victims of homicides in Scotland, 29 more than in 2003-04, and the highest annual total since 1995-96.

In almost three-quarters of the cases, the main accused was known to the victim.
So, are they going to fully focus on criminals? Don't be silly, things kill, not people.
She said that, among other measures, Strathclyde Police's Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) would be expanded to create a national "centre of excellence" to share violence prevention best practice across Scotland. ... "The knife culture must be stamped out and a growing gun culture nipped in the bud. ... "This adds weight to my view that the Police Bill needs to be tougher on knife crime.

"We should take this opportunity to bring the law on knife crime into line with the law on firearms."

First they came for the guns..... In a few more years, they will have to outlaw herring. Herring can but used to cut down the tallest tree in the forest, you know.

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