Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MSM 2005 Hall of Shame

The Media Research Center's "Notable Quotables" for 2005 are in. If you wonder why I get an attitude and throw things at the TV; this will go a long way to explain why.

Brian Williams's spoiled Ivy League teenager question towards a great American, Enola Gay navigator "Dutch" Van Kirk, is a perfect example. What a parade of cluelessness. Look at this first, then click above for all of them.
"You just told me the story about one photograph from the war that always kind of catches you, the Japanese soldier returning to his city that’s been destroyed. Do you have remorse for what happened? How do you deal with that in your mind?"

Enola Gay navigator "Dutch" Van Kirk: "No, I do not have remorse! I pity the people who were there. I always think of it, Brian, as being, the dropping of the atom bomb was an act of war to end a war."

— Exchange as the two stood next to the plane at the Smithsonian’s new National Air and Space annex near Dulles airport, in a segment on the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, NBC Nightly News, August 5. [34]
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Snicker. Dutch's expression is priceless.

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