Tuesday, December 06, 2005

VBIED (car bomb) video from Iraq

This is real, so if you don't like watching US personnel being attacked, don't follow the link.

In this video, look at the manner the Soldier (perhaps Marine - though I think Soldier) is carrying his weapon. Look how he conducts himself - how he moves. How he reacts. He looks tired, he looks bored. For whatever reason, he isn't at the top of his game. Not speaking poorly of him, it just is. Even if he was at the top of his game, things may have happened the same. Who knows. But what if he backed up 1-3 seconds earlier?

Sure, it is easy to Monday AM 1/4back (watch the video a second time and spot the behavior of the car in question compared to the other cars), but this is an important training tool. Guard duty isn't boring. UNREP isn't boring. Doing a FOD walkdown isn't boring. Taking your kids to piano practice isn't boring
. ... and if your men are tired/bored, the question is - as a leader have you done all you can?

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