Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Narnia sounds like a good movie to me

Why? Because here in Narnia is the perfect Republican, muscular Christianity for America - that warped, distorted neo-fascist strain that thinks might is proof of right. ... So Lewis weaves his dreams to invade children's minds with Christian iconography that is part fairytale wonder and joy - but heavily laden with guilt, blame, sacrifice and a suffering that is dark with emotional sadism. ... Of all the elements of Christianity, the most repugnant is the notion of the Christ who took our sins upon himself and sacrificed his body in agony to save our souls. Did we ask him to?
When you can combine the forces of Disney, the McDonald's Happy Meal and
Gov. Jeb Bush in one tidy package -- all of them working together to cram thinly veiled Christian theology down the gullets of Florida's schoolchildren -- you've got yourself a hell of a plan.
But Pullman said the Narnia books contained "a peevish blend of racist, misogynistic and reactionary prejudice" and "not a trace" of Christian charity.

When the Palm Beach Post, The Guardian (UK) and a rabid author atheist hate something, you know it has to be a must see. Like having a Senator from Mass. and a Chairman for a certain party taking the Pro-Defeat, Pro-Jihadi line, it is good to know who is friends with your enemy.

BTW, I read all the Narnia books to my children. If the movie is half as good (from a kids perspective), it is a must see.

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