Thursday, December 29, 2005

Teasing 1120s

Sometimes, an article comes out that just begs to be twitched in front of submariners. This is one.
(the) Cormorant, Darpa's idea for a sub-launched flying drone. (is a) 19-foot "multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle," or MPUAV. ... The Cormorants would be kept in the sub's ICBM launch tubes, and released into the water as needed. From there, they'd be launched into the air "using two Tomahawk missile-derived solid rocket boosters."

Upon mission completion, the turbofan engine-powered MPUAVs return to a designated retrieval point at sea, initiate engine shut down, and splash down to await recovery. During recovery, the submerged [sub] would deploy a remotely operated vehicle to secure an in-haul cable from the [sub] to the recovery tether deployed by the MPUAV. The [sub] would then haul the MPUAV to its designated launch tube [with a] saddle mechanism, where it would be docked and retracted into the missile tube.
My little nukey friends; feast. More from DARPA to chew on.
Oh, my take? This is a great "Drop LWT here." written all over it.

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