Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Israel to save the Arab world?

What does the Middle East have too much of? Sand, people, polution. What does it have too little of? Peace, water. Ahhh, more valuable than oil; water.
The world's largest desalination plant, located along Israel's southern Mediterranean coast, started operation in the first week of August. The water treatment plant will provide 100 million cubic meters (mcm) of desalinated water per year when it is fully operational by December 2005. ... he price of water produced by the plant will be approximately $0.60 per cubic meter. ... The Israeli government is planning additional desalination plants along the Mediterranean coast. The target is to produce 315 mcm of water by 2008.
The plant will provide about 15 percent of the total household water in Israel when it's fully operational.
More here, and here. Now, will Saudi Arabia and Yemen want this "Zionist" technology to support their demographic nightmare this century? Maybe not now, but they will one day.

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