Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liberty minded 1120's ... what 'cha do'n on 160010JUN

Being that our submariner buddies are about the last Navy types left in New England - stealing every word from Paul --- I thought you might find this of interest.
On April 15th, over 3,000 people showed up on the lawn of the Rhode Island statehouse to participate in the local Tax Day Tea Party. As a follow up to that protest, local organizers are planning another event today, June 10th. This is the day, in 1772, Rhode Island colonists burned the Royal Navy schooner Gaspee to take a stand for their economic freedom. The goal of today's gaspee Tea Party is to encourage local politicians to reduce the state's deficit without raising the sales tax or property taxes. We want to invite everyone in the area to show up on the lawn of the Rhode Island statehouse between 4pm and 6pm. There is a lot of work to do, and this is just a beginning, but when your state motto is "Hope," change can't be far behind. More on the Gaspee can be found at

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