Monday, June 01, 2009

Combine it with Fleet Week, and perfection!

You know I am a big fan of the Balts - Estonians mostly - but the whole bunch in general.

Now, even more so.
Several hundred blondes marched through the Latvian capital Riga Sunday in a bid cheer up the crisis-hit Baltic nation, suffering the worst recession in the 27-member EU.

Led by an orchestra, the first-ever blond parade featured women dressed in pink and white, some accompanied by lapdogs, in a charity fund-raising event that organisers hope will become an annual event.

"I'm not stupid. I'm beautiful and I'll prove it," blonde participant high school student Ilona Zigure told AFP.

Organisers said they were determined to bring positive energy to their country, expected to see its economy contract by 16 percent this year.

The parade is part of the what they are calling Blonde Weekend, which will also features a blonde golf tournament, a little lady fashion show, an evening ball, and a children's drawing competition.

"It's a great time to spend in the parade and contribute to a charity," said Ieva, one blonde spectator.

"Finally something different, something positive because I'm tired of hearing about the crisis," said another, 70-year old Ausma.

The event attracted many locals and puzzled tourists.

Following the parade, blondes climbed into open-topped cars and drove to the local shopping centre to go shopping.

The money collected during the event will be donated to support children's safety and playgrounds for disabled children in Riga and across Latvia.

The organisers want to make May 31 official Blondes' Day in Latvia.

Latvia, a small Baltic nation with the population of 2.3 million people has been going through the deepest recession in the European Union, which it joined in 2004.
When you look at what the Baltic Republics have been through in living memory - you can see that a 'lil recession isn't really all that worth getting worked up over.

And yes, this video is required. Ahem.

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