Saturday, June 13, 2009

GM meets the classified INSURV

Earlier this week I grabbed hold of GM and the Navy as a talking point --- and Chap has found another example. Head on over to his place for a great example to ponder, one that bought out this 5-Star comment from 'ole Chap.
...INSURV results have to be not only unclassified but public; only embarrassment will fix some problems. Classification, especially the insidious “unclassified but special” categories we invented after 9/11, can invite overcontrol of information, improper use and worse. Special places to go look at stuff invite special tweaking. Every boat I knew at one point took the exercise equipment out of the engine room for the inspection, then put it right back in afterward…and everyone knew it, and so did the inspectors. This example is silly, not dangerous; however, there are dangerous ones out there. What are they and how do we correct them?
Amen. Dude should do a spin off post at USNIBlog.

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