Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The peasants revolt ...

Sure, even though they still have bad teeth like days of old, now days they drive Mini's, Vauxhalls, and have the cool looking cabs and all ... but still ... this should be fun.

The SNP and Plaid Cymru are tabling a Commons motion to dissolve Parliament and cause an immediate general election next week.

The Liberal Democrats have signalled that they intend to back it and now William Hague has said that the Conservatives too would troop through the lobbies in favour of such a motion as well:

"If that was debated in Parliament… certainly we’d be in favour of the dissolution of Parliament."

It was only a few weeks ago that the Government suffered that shock defeat on a minority party motion in the Commons, when the Lib Dems tabled the motion on settlement rights for the Gurkhas.

So in order to avoid a general election, the Labour whips will have to ensure a full turnout from Labour MPs when the vote takes place on this motion next Wednesday. Given that the Labour Party has a Commons majority still in the high fifities (after recent suspensions from the PLP), it seems unthinkable that the Government could lose such a vote.

But would any Labour MPs abstain or even rebel to help put this administration out of its misery?
Thing is, there will be no easy fix for what Labour has done to the UK - from devolution to debt .... and the fix will be exceptionally painful, but it will be easy compared to eight years of President Spendalot.

Maybe Britain isn't quite dead yet.

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