Monday, June 01, 2009

Another future Sailor ....

He can join our wardroom anytime; but he will be the Admin Queen for most of deployment - mostly because I think he will do a great job. Skippy, whatchathink?
A teenager decided to give his parents a nice surprise by painting a 60ft-long penis on the new roof of their £1million house.

Inspired by watching a documentary on Google Earth, 18-year-old Rory McInnes decided to give aerial observers an eyeful, with the aid of a tin of white paint.

The new flat roof of Andy and Clare McInnes' house in Hungerford, Berkshire, had recently been completed by builders. Painting the enormous member took Rory only half an hour.

There it lurked for around twelve months, until a passing helicopter pilot spotted it, and let his passengers take photos. Fortunately for Rory, he was safely on the other side of the world when his parents found out, on a gap-year in Brazil.
AW1 - I think you know what sons like that are, don't 'cha - I think they become OS's or Army types?

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