Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Retro Wednesday

Through 050602AUG09, or longer if my readers find more stuff - I am going to open up a new weekly series, "Retro Wednesday" - 0602 every Wednesday.

Retro Wednesday will focus on the Navy in the immediate post-WWII period prior to The Korean War as seen by those who where there. Just simple pics with little to any commentary.

I have to thank Sid for these; these are from his collection.

For the opening punch, a little something for the ladies and perhaps others.
The frustration of being selected for fighters, but due to war's end, ending up as plowbacks in N2S's at "U.S.N.A.S." Corpus Christi not evident:

Come back next week for another shot at America and her Navy; flush with victory and promise.

Oh, and next time you see the old fella with the oxygen tube in his nose and sitting in a scooter outside the Exchange; give him a nod. That is what his 6-pack looked like when he was in his early 20s - how about yours?

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