Friday, June 05, 2009

Fullbore Friday

When it comes to the A-1H Skyraider vs. Mig-17s, most are familiar with the first one as covered in the videos below. There was a second one though - one that involved the pilot we discussed in one of last month's FbF and pictured in the pic on the right, Lt. Pete Russell on the right, with LtJg. Tom Patton on the left as they discuss,
LCDR Leo Cook and his wingman LTJG Wiley were the lead section of Skyraiders working to locate and hopefully rescue a downed US pilot in North Vietnam. While maneuvering at low altitude between ridges and cloud layers, they were jumped by what turned out to be two sections of MiG 17s. Calling out the attack on their common radio frequency, Cook and Wiley fought for their lives. LT Pete Russell and LTJG Tom Patton soon arrived in the area and immediately gained a position of advantage on the MiGs. The details of this encounter were taped by the intelligence officer on board the Intrepid after the incident.
The key is to go to this page and listen to that interview. That is Fullbore.

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