Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XXXI

The porcupine wants more and longer quills.
"Aircraft carriers are a symbol of a country's overall national strength as well as the competitiveness of the country's naval force," Chinese Ministry of National Defence spokesman Senior Colonel Huang Xueping told reporters.

"China has a large sea territory. It is the sacred responsibility of our armed forces to protect our sea territory and to maintain our maritime sovereignty and rights and interests. China, taking into account all relevant factors, will earnestly research and consider (building aircraft carriers)."
Her neighbors are ... thrilled ...
"We need to do some research before we can judge whether (the carrier) is directed at Taiwan," said Ministry of National Defence spokeswoman Chih Yu-lan.
I'll take that contract if you are looking at putting it out to bid Chih - I'll come in under budget and ahead of time.

Might be time to review some of our tactics down the road ...

Hat tip Jawa.

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