Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will Obama follow through?

As President-elect Obama seems to be going gangbusters WRT his "Quadrilateralization" strategy (knob to 11 from Clinton's "Triangulation") strategy (see foreign policy team and Purpose Driven Inaugural ) - why not finish the job and be a much better President than I though McCain might be - let's kill Affirmative Discrimination as well.

Let's let Edward Blum set it up,
As Obama wrote in his book, "The Audacity of Hope," "An emphasis on universal, as opposed to race-specific, programs isn't just good policy; it's also good politics." This case may determine if he really meant it.
Well, here is your chance,
Will President-elect Barack Obama be a real agent of change, as he has promised, or will it be business as usual for racial and ethnic preferences in the Obama administration? A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington may give us an opportunity to find out.

The November decision in the case of Rothe Development Corp. vs. Department of Defense struck down a race-based affirmative action contracting program mandated by Congress more than two decades ago. Within weeks of settling into the Oval Office, President Obama and his administration must decide whether to appeal. They should let the court opinion stand.
Here here! As a mixed-race, upper class head of a family - does he really think that his daughters should be given preferential treatment just by the color of their skin? Naw ... I don't think so.
Enough already. Not only is it time to dismantle the disparity-study industry, but we should end the use of race, ethnicity -- and gender -- in the awarding of federal contracts as well. If Washington wants to offer a helping hand to small, emerging businesses, that's fine, but limiting these opportunities to minorities and women is wrong.
Do that and your path to 2012 would be unassailable - let's leave the 20th Century behind.

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