Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WaPo preps the gun-grab battlefield

They're not going to go for a quick gun grab - no; they're going to boil the frog.

You can almost see them shaking like a they get ready to pound the gun grab'n drums at the first chance ... or now.
The report examined how guns travel from the legal market to the black market and into criminals' hands, as well as the relationship between a state's gun laws and the probability that it will be a source of guns recovered in out-of-state crimes.

"Many law enforcement officials have long maintained that a pattern of illegal gun trafficking exists between states," the report says. "This report confirms these accounts, suggesting there is an interstate illegal gun market driven, at least in part, by the relative ease of access to guns in particular states."

The study, which will be released this month, found:
· The 10 states with the highest crime-gun export rates had nearly 60 percent more gun homicides than the 10 states with the lowest rates. The high-export states also had nearly three times as many fatal shootings of police officers.

· States requiring background checks for handgun sales at gun shows have an export rate nearly half the national average. None of the 10 highest export states, including Virginia, requires the checks, according to the report. Maryland does.
The usual subjects in congress already have their bills ready to go - they just need their MSM stalking horses to prepare the background --- and hope that somewhere, someone kills a lot of people, children hopefully, so they can go in for a dramatic grab.

Think that is harsh? Talk to the anti-gun types, they'll tell you - it has worked before.

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