Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's get rid of our tanks & fighters too!

We could save lots of money!

I have heard better arguments against the Carriers - but then again, I'm not a professor of defense analysis at the
U.S. Naval Frigg'n Postgraduate School.
Over the next few decades the Pentagon is planning to spend more than $50 billion on its Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carriers. The first of these 100,000-ton ships is due for completion in 2015, with others following as vessels in the existing 12-carrier fleet are retired. Since aircraft carriers are near helpless without a protective ring of about ten destroyers, frigates and cruisers, the military wants to invest in newer versions of these, too, at a cost of an additional $50 billion.

This plan constitutes a huge waste of taxpayer money and exemplifies the Defense Department's fixation on preserving legacy systems designed for a kind of war that the U.S. is likely never to fight again.
Pathetic. The same argument used against the Royal Navy in the '70s. That worked out well.

Hat tip Large Bill.

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