Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We want more s3x crimes!

In the latest annual, anonymous survey at the (Naval) academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy, respondents reported 34 instances of unwanted s3xual contact during the 2007 academic year, down from 40 reported cases in 2006 and 42 cases in 2005.
So, sounds like good news, right? Harumph - you don't understand the grievance industry well, do you? You just can't please some people.
...Cynthia Smith, a Defense Department spokeswoman.

"We want these numbers to go up," she said yesterday. "We want to create environments in which cadets and mids can come forward to get the care they need."
Good googly moogly - you mean we haven't? GMAFB, the MIDN and Cadets are soaked in it. We get good news on s3xual 'contact' (is that the same as assault, or is this another example of watering down seriousness? For arguments sake from here on out I will assume assault, but I smell water...) and we won't celebrate it? We won't tell ourselves, "Now let's reinforce success...."

No; now we are saying that our females are either victims or liars ... or both?

Of course, you understand, the grievance industry cannot have an improved environment - no - that is bad for business, and make no mistake, it is a business that gets a lot of money by keeping a crisis on the front burner even if they have to create the heat themselves.

As the father of daughters, I take real s3xual assault very seriously - and you should hear Momma Salamander on the subject: no, this is not a male vs. female topic. This is right vs. wrong - this is honesty and clear headed accountability.

Another thing I know is that this is the most s3xualized generation we have
ever sent to the Academy, and the Type-A females that we have in our military institutions are if anything over-briefed on this topic. Do some keep quite? Sure - are more keeping quite? No way.

The drop is a good news story - we should nod our head and be glad. I look forward to their next survey on false s3xual assault claims. Maybe those are sharply down as well. That too would be good news.

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